23 NOVEMBER 2015: Dear Colleagues,
To celebrate the careers of Mark Phillips and Nicholas Suntzeff, the Millennium Institute of Astrophysics — MAS — has the pleasure to make the 2nd announcement of the conference:

“Supernovae through the ages: understanding the past to prepare for the future”

website: www.sn2016.cl
venue: Easter Island, Chile, August 9-13, 2016

The registration and abstract submission are now open, the deadline is March 31st, 2016. Late registration will be possible after this date. The early registration fee is 350 USD, while the late registration fee will be 400 USD. The registration fee includes coffee breaks as well as the welcome reception and the conference dinner.

We have some funds available for PhD students and postdocs. You can find the details about how to apply on the conference website.

—Travel and accommodation—
A list of recommended hotels is available in the website. Attendees must make their own reservations directly with the hotels. Note that affordable options (‘cabañas’) are available. For more information please check the accommodation page in the conference website.

Although the conference will occur during the low travel season, tickets from Santiago to Easter Island can get expensive as the travel date approaches. We encourage you to make your reservations as soon as possible.

The LOC is acting as an intermediary with local nurseries that can provide babysitting service in the hotel room during the talks. Interested attendees must fill out the corresponding section in the registration form.

—Scientific topics—

  • Past/current/future discovery and follow-up surveys
  • Supernova science in the era of big data
  • Supernova discovery and follow-up within hours of explosion
  • Supernova cosmology
  • Supernova hosts/environments and rates
  • Supernova explosion models, progenitors, and their link to stellar evolution models
  • Extreme/peculiar events
  • The first supernovae

—Preliminary Invited Speakers List—
S. Blondin (LAM)
T. Davis (University of Queensland)
F. Forster (CMM/MAS)
M. Fraser (Cambridge)
A. Frebel (MIT)
A. Heger (Monash University)
K. Maeda (Kyoto University)
D. Maoz (Tel-Aviv University)
R. Margutti (NYU)
G. Narayan (NOAO)
A. Piro (Carnegie Observatories)
A. Rest (STScI)
B. Shappee (Carnegie Observatories)
N. Smith (University of Arizona)


Local Organizing Committee:
M. Hamuy (Chair, U. Chile/MAS)
J. P. Anderson (ESO Chile)
N. Atencio (MAS)
F. Förster (CMM/MAS)
L. Galbany (U. Chile/MAS)
D. Gómez (MAS)
K. Takáts (U. Andrés Bello/MAS)

Scientific Organizing Committee:
J. L. Prieto (Chair, U. Diego Portales/MAS)
J. P. Anderson (ESO Chile)
A. Clocchiatti (PUC/MAS)
I. Domínguez (U. Granada)
N. Elias-Rosa (INAF-OAPd)
I. Hook (U. Lancaster)
M. Kasliwal (Caltech)
E. Levesque (UW)
M. M. Phillips (LCO)
B. Schmidt (ANU)
K. Shen (Berkeley)
C. Stubbs (Harvard)
N. Suntzeff (Texas A&M)
M. Tanaka (NAOJ)

– Millennium Institute of Astrophysics (MAS)
– Millennium Science Initiative (ICM)
– Comisión Nacional de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica (CONICYT)
– National Science Foundation (NSF)
– Carnegie Institution for Science
– Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation (Texas A&M University)
– Comité Mixto ESO/Chile
– European Southern Observatory (ESO)

Best regards