19 July 2016:
Dear Participants,
The dates of the SN2016 conference on Easter Island are approaching quickly. Below you can find a lot of important information concerning the conference and your travel, so please keep reading.

Please review and update the details of your registration at the link that you received in email when signing up. If you can’t find your link, you can request a reminder on our webpage (http://sn2016.cl/registration/, next to the Signup button).

Conference program
You can find the program on our website (http://sn2016.cl/program/), note that there still might be changes. Poster presenters will have the opportunity to give a 1 minute / 1 slide talk. The maximum allowed size of the posters is A0 portrait.

In the morning of 9th August, Tuesday we start with a cultural session in the conference room in Hotel Hanga Roa, where local researchers will talk about the history and culture of the island.

Registration desk
The registration desk will be open from 6 PM, 8th August Monday, at Hotel Hanga Roa.

Social events

  • 8th August, Monday – Star Wine (wine tasting and live music), organized by Imagen de Chile
  • 9th August, Tuesday – Welcome cocktail
  • 11th August, Thursday – Conference dinner

The Star Wine event is free for all participants and accompanying people.

The welcome reception and the conference dinner are included in the registration fee for participants, and cost $35 and $100 for accompanying people, respectively, which you can pay at the registration desk in cash.

All events will take place at Hotel Hanga Roa.

Outreach events
During the conference, we’re organizing several events for the general public of Easter Island, in collaboration with the local museum. You are most welcome to attend the public talks. If you understand Spanish and would like to assist us during these events, please contact us.

  • 8th August, Monday – public talks at the 4 local schools
  • 10th August, Wednesday – public talk by Brian Schmidt (7:30 PM, Lorenzo Baeza school, in English)
  • 12th August, Friday – public talk by Mario Hamuy (7:30 PM, Lorenzo Baeza school, in Spanish)
  • 12th August, Friday, evening – Star party (9 PM, Ahu Tahai)
  • 14th August, Sunday – hands-on activities at the museum for 8+ year olds (10 AM – 1 PM)

Social media
You can find our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/supernovae2016. You can follow us on twitter at https://twitter.com/supernovae2016. When posting about the conference please use the hashtag #sn2016conference.

Internet access
Be prepared that the internet on the island is slow and unreliable.

Entrance fee to the national park
If you plan to visit the island’s national park, you can buy the ticket at the airport upon arrival or at the CONAF office (Mon to Sun from 9 until 16 hrs). The price of the ticket is USD 60 for adults, USD 10 for children under 12 and it’s valid for 5 days. (See https://www.easterisland.travel/easter-island-facts-and-info/faq/#what-is-ticket )

Switch to summer time
The time zone of Easter Island is EAST (Easter Island Standard Time), GMT-6.

Chile is going to switch to summer time at midnight on 13th August, Saturday, when we set the time one hour forward (from midnight to 1am on Sunday, or from GMT-6 to GMT-5).

Archaeological Travel Service is a specialized travel agency founded on Easter Island in 1975 and owned by a group of scientists and cultural tourism specialists with more than three decades of experience in the South Pacific.

They will be offering excursions to all major sites of the island during the conference. If you’re interested or have any questions please feel free to contact them at info@archaeo.cl.

You need to declare all products of plant or animal origin when entering Chile. You can find more information about what is allowed here (in English): http://chile.gob.cl/en/consulados/tramites/para-extranjeros/tramites-aduaneros-sag/.

The weather on Easter Island in August is mild, with temperatures around 15-20°C (60-68°F) and with possible rainfall.

What to bring
Mosquito spray (see http://sn2016.cl/travel/); hat for the sun; sunglasses; sunscreen; light waterproof rain jacket, poncho or collapsible umbrella; comfortable walking shoes with rubber soles, since most people find tennis shoes or sneakers suitable (bring two pairs); bathing suit.

Electricity supply
220V, European style outlet

The local currency is the Chilean peso (CLP), 1 USD = 650-680 CLP

10% tip is customary in restaurants.